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ZLeague was built so players of all skill levels have a fair chance to win a tournament. Their backend AI algorithm divides players up into skill based divisions. It’s more than just calculating KD.

Pokertracker 4

I use Pokertracker 4 as my preferred hud when I play online poker on my favorite sites!


Multi-tabling with online poker? The best software out there right now is Jurojin and it’s currently 100% free! Jurojin Poker is the answer you’ve been looking for!


Instantly access any spot you can imagine. From preflop to any river you want, we have all the possible situations. It works seamlessly on your desktop and mobile.

Blue Shark Optics

Are you still using sunglasses at the poker table in dimly lit poker rooms where you can’t see your hole cards or spend hours in front of your monitors grinding online until your eyes feel like they’re going to bleed? Have trouble sleeping at night after a long poker or gaming session? Check out these specialized glasses for poker players and gamers.

Mavix Gaming Chairs

Ever since I switched to Mavix Gaming Chairs, my gaming, production and poker sessions have been incredibly comfortable. I think you’d love it so I am giving you $50 off!

DTO Poker

THE DTO POKER TRAINER – THE EASIEST WAY TO STUDY GTO POKER. Get 20% off all products with Promo Code: BACON20 (Preflop, Postflop, Cash & Multiway) (Available on PC/Mac/Android/Apple)

Americas Cardroom

If you like money and you like bacon, click the link below and sign up for an account on Americas Cardroom. Sign up with my code BACON, and I will send you $25 direct to your account! Limited to first 10 signups a month!  Please communicate with me on your signup through Discord

Dubby Energy Drinks

Get your own amazing energy drink powder and tumblers from DUBBY and use code N2MBACON for 10% off your purchase!

American Express

Get your own Amex Gold Card for Purchases and Points to redeem for tons of awesome stuff!


Want to invest easily? Check out Robinhood and use my link! Free stock for you and me! 


Use my referral link for Coinbase to earn some free crypto on your first deposit! 

Capital One Credit Card

I have several Capital one credit cards and I really like their customer service and easy limit increases. If you decide to apply for a card use my link. If you’re approved, I’ll get a small referral bonus!

Elite Poker Coaching

I work closely with all the coaches at Elite Poker Coaching. Amazing talent, skills and teachers here to up your game.

Epic Games Creator Code

If you play any game on the Epic platform you can use my creator code: N2MBacon to help throw back a few cents from your in-game purchases.