Stream Commands

For LULs

Basic Stream Stuff:
!prime – learn about amazon prime
!subs – list information about the stream
!followage – how long you have been following for
!abc – we always need someone to blame
!firststream – the very first N2MBacon stream info
!secondstream – how long it took me to stream a 2nd time
!location – where am I from
!bacon – What is bacon?
!song – what song is playing?

Custom Commands:
!jave – is a mad dog
!harryballsagna – learn about Hellbr3nt
!dopy – king of the chickens
!chrisc0 – is a pair
!noob – who’s a noob?

Lights Command (15 Seconds): !red, !green, !blue, !pink, !purple, !aqua, !orange, !yellow, !flash, !rgb, !hex #xxxxxx replace x’s with Hex Code

another one
bacon mad, mad, angry,
dub, bink
great banter
here we go again
huh wat
hysterical, funny,
just do it
KO, dead,
LUL, lol
naughty, tease, teasing me
not okay, is that okay, are you ok
oh, mlg
shock, shocking, shocked
thumbs down, that was bad, bad
thumbs up, good job, looks great
who are you
wow, omg
wtf, what the fuck, dafuq, the fuck
!fraud, !fake
!ocarina on/!ocarina off



all in, im all in, i’m all in
are you crazy, are you out of your mind
bacon baby, baby bacon
bruh, bro, what the actual
financial advice
hello, hello there, hi, hey
hot dude, hot, sexy, big boi
it is what it is, standard
love, hate, do you like this game, hows this game, how’s this game, how are the games going

Stream Interaction:
!so @username (mods only)
!saymyname – N2MBacon’s full title
!dream – have you ever had a dream
!breakup – we’re not meant to be no kappa
!bacon – What is bacon
!quote – get a random quote
!jump, !bump – silly on stream game

Camera Interaction:
Back – see everything from behind
Cartoon/Disney – SnapCam Filter
Cry/Sadge – SnapCam Filter
Sunglasses/Bluff – SnapCam Filter
Time Machine/Oldge/Baby/Old – SnapCam Filter (Experimental Not Working 100%)
Twin – SnapCam Filter
VHS/Old School – SnapCam Filter
Alien/UFO/ET/UAP – SnapCam Filter
Big Head/5Head/Brain – SnapCam Filter
Bowling Ball/Dent/Squish – SnapCam Filter
Zoom/Head Zoom/Zoom In – SnapCam Filter
Sexy/Sexy Beast/Hot – SnapCam Filter
Tiny Head/Small Head/Smoll – SnapCam Filter

Stream Support: !prime, !robinhood, !crypto, !chair, !dubby

!speak (your message) in a normal TTS voice
!ud (yourmessage) in a random character voice

Commands for Support

Support The Stream

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